Our Story

Although our journeys may look different, we all understand the many struggles and challenges that impact our confidence when it comes to our crown.

Is our shrinkage too short? Will our hair dry in time?

From our initial conception in 2018, Coily Queenz commenced with a solution in mind to combat the universal question:

How do we as curly girls find the perfect hairstyle for a special occasion?

After a simple search to solve the length limitations that we naturally face, our Lead Coily Queen & Owner, Brittney Morrow set out to eliminate the hardship of the awkward fro stage by creating a platform that would give women with curlz, kinkz, and coilz an avenue to express themselves freely.

No longer limiting our options for special occasions, she designed a ONE stop shop to help us resolve all unsolved mysteries along our individual hair journeys.

Our natural hair clip-ins, bundles and closures allow you to enjoy each stage of growth and extend your length without limitations. It’s time to celebrate your coilz with confidence and eliminate the barriers that block you from embracing your boundless beauty.



Coily Queenz

...a community where we direct the narrative of our own remarkable roots.