Hello Beautiful Coily Queenz!

Every Coily Queen should feel confident inserting
and styling her natural clip-in extensions.

Below are two easy “How to guides” to get you Queenz started. Clips are commonly inserted in to corn-rowed or french braided hair, but the how -to- guides below are especially useful if you are not as skilled at corn rowing or French braiding. Be sure to read the helpful tips following each “How to Guide” before beginning.

Phase 1

Flat Twists

1. Start with clean, dry hair.

2. Part head in half. Comb hair in front of the part forward.

3. Starting from the part, flat twist the back of the head. Make 8-10 flat twists running to the base of the head using the hair that is “behind the part”.

4. Again, starting from the part, flat twist the hair “in front of the part”. There should be 1-3 flat twist running straight back along the sides of head, but leave the center front portion of your hair free for later styling.

5. Pin-up flat twist so that twists are flat on head.

Phase 2

Inserting Clips

1. Start from the base of head. Apply clips to the root of hair in curved line moving across head from “ear to ear”.

2. Once you have completed one curve line or row is start another row of clips just above it. Row should be very close, about a quarter inch apart.

3. Continue to insert clips from base of head to the top of head until all twists are fully covered by clips.

Phase 3

Defining Free Natural Hair

1. Part free hair into a style your choice

2. Apply water and curl defining gel (ie curl unleash, eco styling gel, whatever works best on your hair) to about a quarter size thick of free hair. Carefully work the water and curling defining gel through the hair using the shingle hair method until all free curls have been defined. Be sure to work around the part you made for your style.

Phase 4

Blending Natural Hair with Extensions

1. Blend or mix your free hair with clipped hair by Finger curling your hair into the extensions.

2. Blow dry with diffuser

3. Cutting extensions into layers

Helpful Tips

1. May need to use quarter inch clips to style the front of hair, because it allow you to get close to the edge line. If you don’t have quarter inch clips in your styling kit, you can cut your clips into the desired size for your style.

2. Youtube has great Finger curling method videos.

3. YouTube has great the shingle hair method videos

4. When using the hair diffuser be sure to dry the end and root thoroughly. The diffuser gives the hair fullness, bounce and helps to shape/style hair. There great YouTube videos available demonstrating the best ways to use a diffuser for natural hair.